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Awnings were very popular a decade ago, but after air conditioning became common, trend of using awnings became less popular. The ever rising energy prices have brought them back in homes as awnings can really save lots of energy for you. The basic purpose of awnings is to protect your house from direct exposure of sunlight and you can install the awning in front of windows, patios and even on decks and porches. Once you install these awnings, they will cover their cost in the form of energy saving within few months. There are different types of awnings like folding arm awnings, electrical awnings and Drop Arm Awnings.

Cost Effective and Energy Efficient Drop Arm Awnings

Fabric awnings are more popular than other types of awnings because fabric awnings are easily foldable and very cost-effective as well. You can match the Drop Arm Awnings with the overall home exterior because fabric awnings are available in all colors. Drop Arm Awnings are also very energy efficient because you do not need electricity to operate these awnings. There is not much effort needed to operate these awnings manually, and it saves you lots of electricity.

Traditional and Contemporary Drop Arm Awnings

If you are just looking to protect your home from direct exposure of sunlight, then you can go with traditional styles of awnings. These traditional Drop Arm Awnings are very cheap, but they will do the job for you.

Contemporary awnings will not only protect your home from harmful UV and direct sunlight exposure, but they will also enhance the overall home exterior. These will add color and style to your home exterior. Awnings are installed easily and especially Drop Arm Awnings are the easiest to install. You just need to purchase your favorite awnings from the market and install them in your house.

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  • Fabrics used
    CanvasPVCSheer Mesh
  • Operation Methods
    Folding ArmMotorised ArmElectronic Sensor ArmDrop Arm Awning
  • Common Uses
    VerandahsPatiosPergolasDecksShop fronts
  • Cleaning
    Things you will need:Dishwashing liquidWarm waterLarge sprayMethod:Mix 50% water and 50% detergent in a spray bottle.Using a long handled broom or broom brush (depending on heights of awnings) clean off all dust, cobwebs, bugs etc.Spray the cleaning mixture on to the blinds.Scrub awning all over with a thick bristled scrub brush or long handled broom.Rinse the lathered suds away and when totally dry, apply a weatherproof fabric sealant onto awnings.Repeat on underside.


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Purchase Information
  • 7 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Installation available
  • Removal of rubbish from site
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Advice on DIY projects

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