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An old time classic that never goes out of date - Roller Blinds!

Roller Blinds, also known as Holland, have been around for decades and while most people have the impression of a throwback from the sixties, more and more people are opting for this minimalistic and clean look. The Roller Blind has gone through many changes throughout the years and can be seen through its current styles, colours, fabrics and methods of operation.

Styles have changed from the standard blind to now include double rollers, minis, cassette, roof and panel blinds and can be made in a range of colours to match any decor.

There are a multitude of different fabrics that they can be made from ranging from total blockout fabrics that are perfect for room darkening such as the bedroom through to a vast range of screen fabrics offering a sheer finish that protects you from sun and UV rays while still contributing to privacy.

Standard Roller blinds were made of solid sheets of stiff fabric and a hollowed tube that contains a ratchet and spring that was raised or lowered by a pulley on the bottom of the fabric providing easy control of the blinds without touching the fabric surface. Manually adjustable roller blinds have side winders that lock the blinds at different levels with the internal ratchet. Large roller blinds on sliding glass doors or picture windows are usually motorized and raised up and down by remote control.

Roller blinds are typically arranged with the fabric rolling behind the roller which keeps the blinds close to the window and amplifies the light blockage. The blinds can also roll in front of the tube, but this creates a gap in between the blinds and window and may cause a gap that lets in light through the window.

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  • Fabrics used
    Total blockout Sheer screen
  • Operation Methods
    Manual side winder with ratchet Pulleys Motorised
  • Common Uses
    Suitable for any window or opening Home Verandahs Patios Decks Shop fronts
  • Cleaning
    Things you will need: Mild laundry detergent Bleach (optional) Sponge or soft cloths Old toothbrush Vacuum with brush attachment Drying rack or outside clothesline Bath tub Warm water Friend to help (optional) Steps to Clean the Blind: Vacuum blinds thoroughly first. Remove blinds from the roller and lay on the floor. Use your brush attachment on your vacuum to remove any dirt, bugs etc. Fill bath half way with warm water. Ad some laundry powder or liquid to form small suds - if blinds are white, bleach is also okay to add. Carefully lay blinds in your tub. Allow them to soak in soapy water for a while. Starting at one end and in a sweeping motion to the other, wipe over with a clean non-coloured cloth to remove any more dirt, bugs etc. For tough stains,


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Purchase Information
  • 7 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Installation available
  • Removal of rubbish from site
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Advice on DIY projects
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